Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life Drawing

I can't wait for tomorrow!  Today was the beginning of our finals, where I had to be in a classroom for 2 hours with 36 kids.  My beginning students feel they do not need to take their drawing assignment seriously, which is resulting in many C's, D's, and F's.  I am getting many incomplete drawings because they would rather talk than do their work.  It is rather sad and makes me extremely grouchy.  I have to remind myself to take deep breaths.  But tomorrow will be a little different.  I will have 2 hours with my intermediate and advanced drawing students.  I have planned for us to have fun experimenting with different art papers and media.  I thought we could even play a bit and spend some time doing quick, rough drawings of each other.  I hope they come with an open mind to be playful.  It should be fun!

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