Monday, January 16, 2012

Squirrel Obsession

I have always loved watching squirrels move.  Any time I walked through UCLA or a park setting I would anxiously keep an eye out for those funny little creatures.  But that was the extent of my obsession of squirrels, until a few years ago.  I began making my sock creatures and giving them stories.  As I developed my characters, and worked on a story Oliver came into the picture.  I needed a new character, who was not a Mizzle, but who could easily be explained without any explanation.  Not sure if that made any sense, but it made complete sense in my head as I narrate to myself, while typing this blog.

  I had never really drawn a squirrel and my first few attempts always looked like cats.  So, I began doing image searches of photos of squirrels and began my "Squirrel Resource" folder, which now holds 766 photos.  Of those 766 photos, 307 are my personal photos that I have taken of the squirrels that come to my parent's backyard for food.  My collection of resource photos never seems to stop growing and my fascination with squirrels becomes greater and greater.  I have at one point even thought of making one a pet, but I researched this and it is not possible.  Taking care of squirrels requires a lot of care and knowledge so I will love them from afar.  Plus, I have my collection of squirrels (also, growing in number) to fulfill the desire of a pet squirrel.

Today was a lazy day for me.  I had no real desire to draw, write, read, or anything else for that matter.  I found myself unable to sleep in, so I cleaned my apartment and painted my nails.  Still feeling uninspired I decided I should just practice drawing Oliver, my favorite, caring and curious squirrel. I'm trying to work on keeping him consistent.  I have noticed that when I draw squirrels in different angles, they end up looking like they are completely different squirrels.  I just need to keep practicing.

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