Monday, January 23, 2012

Jumping in puddles

It has rained pretty much all morning.   I am a bit sad the sun has decided to make its appearance just now.  But I've enjoyed this morning by taking my walk in the rain and lightly splashing in the puddles.  I purposely wore my boots with a heel, so I could walk through the large puddles that form in the hallways of our campus. I even left my classroom door open during class, so we could draw to the sound of the rain.  It was short lived because my students were beginning to complain about feeling cold, so I had to close the door.  But it was nice while it lasted.  I think it's insane that we are going to have 80 degree weather the rest of the week.  I really wish the weather would make up it's mind.  But, never mind that, back to the rain!

There are many reasons why I love the rain.
1. I love bundling up in soft scarves and jackets.
2. Jumping in puddles is lots of fun!
3. The colors of nature seem so much more vibrant when the sky is overcast.
4. Everything seems new and refreshed the day after it rains.
5. I always seem to be more creative or more productive.
6. My tea obsession makes more sense to my non- tea drinking friends.
7. When it drizzles and the drops gently touch my face, I imagine they are tiny little fairy kisses and it makes me smile. (A possible children's story? maybe?)
8. It calms my students and they ACTUALLY work!  ALL OF THEM!  (It is quite an amazing sight and I usually end up becoming the class distraction because there is nothing for me to do until they need my help.)
9. I love watching the patterns of ripples form in puddles as the rain hits the water.
10. Worms attack the campus.  O.K., not really, but I find it fascinating and gross that they squirm around on the concrete to get out of the soaked lawns.  At my apartment complex, it's a snail attack.
11. Running or exercising feels incredible during this weather.  It makes me feel faster or stronger.
12. Magic becomes more of a realistic possibility in the world, especially, when you see rainbows.  (I know there is a scientific reason for rainbows, but I always begin wondering about magical distant worlds that exist on, in, or under rainbows.)
 and 13. My Mizzles were born on a rainy day. 

I think overall the rain just makes me more playful and kid-like.  It opens up my mind to retain that youthful innocence and curiosity we sometimes misplace while being adults.  I'm sure many artists feel the same.

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