Thursday, January 19, 2012


O.K. Tea doesn't fix everything, but my art club vice president, Kimberly, pointed out to me that whenever someone is feeling sick, or having a bad day my first response is "Would you like a cup of tea?"  I can't seem to help it.  There is just something comforting about a cup of tea.  It calms you with its warmth.  It delights you with its flavor.  But it's true, I do solve every problem with a cup of tea.  Even my friends at work, who are sick, are constantly receiving tea from me.  I guess I push tea so much I gave Kimberly a weird dream.  She dreamt that people kept walking into my room with some kind of problem and I would give them tea to make them feel better.  Her favorite, as well as mine, was the guy who had an axe in his head.  Apparently, my cup of tea was able to heal him, too.  Hey, why not?  My favorite tea is Celestial Seasoning mint green tea with white tea.  Other favorites are: Trader Joe's Promegranate White tea, and Lipton's Chamomile.  Today was a Tazo Passion tea day.  It has been very cold this week for us Californians, so the tea has been a welcomed warmth throughout my day. 

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  1. I like mint tea with lots of honey. Mmmm. Yum.