Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two heads

Today was a busy day of getting my students to sketch ideas for their final drawing.  Their assignment is to create a cityscape in either one-point or two-point perspective, but they also must include one life-size realistic hand.  Majority of them came up the same ideas: hand holding city, hand crushing buildings, city balancing on one finger, and the hand is the city's sun.  But the students who discussed their ideas with their classmates were able to come up with some great ideas.  I'm excited to see how these drawings will turn out.  It goes to show that "two heads are better than one."  

It is important as artists to have a community to share and bounce ideas off of.  A lot of times we spend so much of our time so close to our projects that we fail to see where problem areas are at, or are unable to see solutions.  Talking to others help give a different perspective of the project.  Many times, another person is able to see problems and solutions that we were unable to see.  I've noticed the importance of this creative community even more so now that I have joined many writing and illustration groups, blogs, twitter hash tags, and Facebook pages.  We share sources of information and inspiration.  We give words of encouragement and support.  And we give each other that different perspective every artist needs to hear and see.  

To keep with this theme of "two heads are better than one." I immediately thought of Bebo, my two headed Mizzle that I made for my mom a few years ago.  They are an artsy duo, who work as one.  I really like this character.  I think I'm going to have to make more like him.


  1. Great advice, some I should take seriously. Do you have any groups you'd recommend checking out?

  2. On Facebook, I joined 12x12 in 2012, which is a writing challenge. Last day to sign up is January 29th. Also, PiBoIdMo 2011, which is the November Picture Book Idea Month Challenge. There is also Childrens Book Hub. I'm sure there are more. Being a member of SCBWI (Society of Children's book writers and illustrators) give you access to writing and illustrator groups, as well.