Monday, January 30, 2012

High in the sky

Today was inspired by one of my student's drawings.  She had some hot air balloons floating behind her perspective city scape.  Personally, being in a hot air balloon would absolutely terrify me.  I'm not a fan of heights.  Once, when I was younger, my parents and I went to Knott's Berry Farm.  My dad tried to convince my mom and me to go on the parachute ride, which is now something else.  My dad went on it by himself and when he came back, he explained that it was "just like riding an elevator."  With that statement, my mom and I decided to give it a try.  We stepped into the rectangular cage, watched as they locked the door, and we stood as it lifted slowly from the ground.  My dad was absolutely right.  It was just like riding an elevator... until we got to the very top where it dropped up.  Let me remind you, we were standing in a cage.  There were no seats, no straps, and no bars to hold us down.  I remember holding onto the cage screaming all the way down.  I think I was around the age of 9 when this happened.  I still cringe when I got to Knott's and see part of that ride that still exists.  And to this day, whenever my dad wants us to believe him, we never allow him to forget his words "It's just like riding an elevator."

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