Sunday, January 29, 2012

Outdoor fun

Today was just a beautiful day!  I went on a 8 mile hike with my cousin. The air had this crisp coldness to it this morning.  The air was so clean that it made my lungs hurt a little when I took in a breath.  We joked about needing smog tanks.  I am incredibly sore, but the kind of soreness that has the feel of accomplishment.  When we got back, I watched my dad and a few others put up the wood frame and covering for my mom's future outdoor BBQ.  This has been my dad's project for almost a year and it is really beginning to take shape.  As I watched them climb and hang on the wood beams, I couldn't help but think of kids on a swing set.  That was the inspiration for today's sketch...a day of fun on the swings.  I'm sure with today's weather, there were probably lots of people and kids having fun at parks.

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