Thursday, January 5, 2012

Never play with Kites in stormy weather

I was feeling inspired from yesterday's kite making activity.  I had this additional idea in my head yesterday and decided to put down on paper today.  I love this character and her antlers.  I immediately thought of her antlers attracting lightning.  I actually felt a little bad drawing her this way, but happily ever after doesn't happen in the real world.  We all make mistakes, or have life throw some type of obstacle in our way no matter how prepared we may be.  Perhaps a few things I know from personal experience is to wait out the storm.  No matter what the situation is we can always pick up the pieces and fix what is broken after the storm has passed.  I actually find it odd that I'm thinking about this considering life is really good right now.  There is no stress or conflict right now... personally, that is.  Maybe a part of me misses the drama.  Hmm, uh, no.  Don't miss it at all.

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