Thursday, January 12, 2012

RIP CD Discman

Yesterday, there was a laughing moment between me and my T.A.  She had brought a cd of a band that I love (Explosions in the Sky).  I had been looking forward to listening to the CD all week, but I had no way of listening to it. One, I didn't have a CD player in my classroom.  I play all of my music off my ipod.  Two, the CD drive in my computer doesn't work.  (I'm too lazy to request its repair.  Plus, I see no use in repairing it since I never use it.)  But my T.A. was genius and brought her CD discman.  I was so happy until we pressed play. The screen flashed a number then, it would go blank.  It took us a few repetitions of pressing play and watching very little happen to realize it needed new batteries.  We put new batteries in, and again, it did not want to work.  I remembered I had my old discman in a cabinet somewhere in my classroom.  We put in the batteries and pressed play.  Then we waited as we watched the CD spin and hum.  Finally music began to play. At some point during the day, the CD player would just stop playing, or it would beep then stop.  I would press play and it would start again.  Then after one song, it would stop.  It took a few times repeating this process before I realized the problem could be the batteries.  This should have been obvious, but I rarely come in contact with this particular scenario.  I, mean, I never face this problem with my ipod. It has that cute little battery symbol in the top corner to let me know how much power I have left to drain while I feed my music addiction.  Also, in the event of a low battery dilemma, I can always charge it.  What an inconvenience it is to have to exchange the batteries?  Even though, the discman came to the rescue and played the CD (temporarily) I so desperately wanted to listen to.  I have decided to let it rest in peace.  I cannot handle its high maintenance and baggage. 

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