Friday, January 27, 2012

Smiles and Different Styles

I woke up today feeling amazing.  I can't explain why.  I don't understand it myself considering my neighbor upstairs made so much noise that I had very little sleep.  But this morning I was all smiles.  I took a break from the sketchbook project and allowed my creative brain a little time to unwind.  In addition, I decided to recreate an illustration I have been working on.  I have been working with watercolor pencils for a few months now.  I am not a fan of watercolor because I lack the patience of waiting for areas to dry.  But I absolutely love the watercolor pencils.  I still need to experiment with them more.  This is my second illustration in watercolor pencil and it is still in progress. 
I need to learn to have more patience with the watercolor pencil because I tend to lay down more color than I really need.  Because I do this, it is preventing me from getting strong contrasts in my values. I have also noticed that using the watercolor pencils changes the appearance of my squirrel.  After I began adding the watercolor pencil to the drawing, I had realized this drawing would have been so much sweeter or cuter if the squirrel's head was tilted up towards the Mizzle.  I guess I could still change it since I haven't used too much color on the squirrel, but I might risk ruining the texture of the paper.  I might just leave it as is.
For today's drawing, I thought I would replicate this illustration and make that change in the squirrel.  I have noticed in the past that when I try to replicate a drawing it doesn't have the same look or feel.  But I feel this time was pretty successful.
My favorite media to work in is Prismacolor colored pencils and pen and ink.  I find it fascinating how what medium you choose to work in changes the look of the artwork.  It even changes the feel of the characters.  I just want to cuddle with the characters in the watercolor piece, but find myself smiling more at the ink drawing.  The latter has a more whimsical feel, but that could be because I haven't finished the first drawing.  Depending on what I place or not place in the background could change that feel. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the coloring on this one. The sketch is really adorable, too. But I love the softness, but the bold coloring in the finished product. Especially when contrasted with the soft shading of the squirrel.