Monday, January 9, 2012

Community support

I have had many moments where I've felt alone in the world.  Or I didn't think anyone could possibly understand how I was feeling.  Over the years I've come to realize how wrong I've been.  It always seems when I least expect it, there is a friend reaching out giving me a hand, or supporting me somehow.  This seems to be true amongst the community of children's books writers and illustrators.  Since I've joined the many facebook groups, follow blogs, attend conferences, and enter contests, the support and encouragement is definitely felt amongst all of it.  It feels great to be part of it.  When one person has a success, it feels as though we had a success.  And when one person feels like they have failed, everyone reaches out their hands full of encouraging words to pick them up.  Again, it is quite amazing.  I was talking to one of my former students/athletes about this and she pointed out that it was similar to being on the cross country team.  Even though the sport is individual, it takes a team to persevere and succeed. Both of us agreed that was environment we were happiest in. 

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