Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TLC Mermizzle Auction

Every year, the school I work at does a fundraiser.  Actually, we do many fundraisers and are considered one of the top 5 schools in the nation for fundraising.  This time of year we fundraise money for a non-profit organization called TLC, True Lasting Connections, who provide health care, dental, vision, clothes, etc. to students in our community.  To know that we are helping our own students, and to see our students care so much about doing something great is quite a sight.  To contribute, I make about 13-15 Mizzles and auction them off for a week.  They each are given fun names and stories.  It is fun to see my students and co-workers compete over who will win their favorite Mizzle. 

Here are the Mizzles who have found great homes and provided close to $300 for TLC:

Name: Ula-la


Bio:        Ula-la has the super ability to become a disco ball at will.  This makes her very popular at all of the parties!  Unfortunately, it takes 13 hours before she can return to her normal self.  When she is in disco ball form, she loves to use cheesy pick-up lines on nearby lamps…the good looking ones, of course!

               In her past time, she loves to throw sprinkles at other Mermizzles and yell “DEVIL BE GONE!” then turns into a disco ball and rolls away.

Name: Domuz Igpay

Bio:  Her name is literally Pig in Turkish and Pig Latin.  Domuz spends most of her time wondering what the weird creatures are on her body because she has never seen land animals before.  She loves to practice acupuncture on puffer fish to help them with their anxiety.  Her favorite food is sushi even though it is highly frown upon in Mermizzle society.  She has the secret super power to turn into a glow in the dark pig. 

Name: Gidget

Bio:        She is a curious little one, who loves to take things apart to see how they work and carefully puts them back together.  She loves to study the development and movements of bugs, which she translates into interpretive dance.  In her free time, she loves to melt crayons.




Name: Snow Pea

Bio:        Snow Pea is a special little creature, who has one real eye, but wears a fake one to fit it with the other Mizzles.  Whenever someone stands on her left, she thinks they have the super power to become invisible, but really they are just standing in her blind spot.  She loves to show off her ability to shoot hairballs on command. She spends most of her day picking hair off of animals one by one until she has enough to make a scarf.  Her favorite word is “kerplunk.”



Name: Cotovatre

Bio:        Cotovatre thinks he is a suave Mermizzle.  He loves cheesy pick-up lines and tests them out on sea cucumbers.  His favorite line is “Are you Swedish? Because you’re the Swedish fish in the sea.”  He can invert his stripes on command.  He leads his posse of clown fish around the ocean and play connect-the-dots on any spotted fish.



Name: Nixie

Bio:        She is a mischievous one, who loves to rearrange things to confuse others.  No one ever suspects her because she has mastered the look of confusion. Her partner in crime is Pooford, a funny looking sea creature.  They enjoy stealing anything that begins with the letter “R.”  She has the ability to shed hair on command. In her spare time, she throws tea parties for sea snails.


Name: Morgan

Bio:        He is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Mermizzles.  He is a body builder, who loves to be the center of attention.  His favorite hobby is to make rainbows with skittles, but he considers it his super power.  He lives his life as if he were in a music video, so he’ll randomly sing and dance. 




Name: Corwyn and Chenai

Bio:  Twins, who love to claim to be related to the playing cards in Alice in Wonderland.  Corwyn is older and loves to boss his sister around.  He thinks he is the greatest Mermizzle alive.  Chenai lets her brother think he is her boss, but always does things her way when he isn’t looking.  Together they share a telepathic link, but whenever they think the word “you” they confuse it for the words “me” or “I”.  This leads to many confusing conversations amongst the two.


Name: Windex
Bio:        His parents named him after the first thing they saw.  Ironically, he’s good at cleaning. He can shoot windex from his left tail-fin-thingy. Sometimes it leaks when he gets nervous.  He enjoys breaking and entering into homes to clean their windows and mirrors.

Name: Tyrone
Bio:        His hobby is tap dancing.  His tail doesn’t move very fast so he wears a cape.  He thinks it makes him swim faster, but he always gets caught on everything.  He has the ability to communicate with Sea Monkeys.







Name: Voltara

Bio:        She’s a runway model since she has long legs.  She likes to sneak into stores and change the mannequin’s clothes because she thinks they look tacky.  But her colorblindness doesn’t help either.





Name: Razziel

Bio:        Every time he sneezes the temperature goes up a degree.  His only mirror is a funhouse mirror, so he thinks he is short and kind of oddly shaped.  He’s known as the limbo king, since he can limbo ON SKATES!!!  He enjoys staying up late to watch infomercials.  He can never resist buying the hair care products even though he doesn’t have hair.  He’s an “As seen on TV” addict, but will never admit it.


Name: Corliss

Bio:  She is good hearted and carefree.  She enjoys making bubbles while pretending to be an airplane.  Her antennae can detect when somebody is close by, but it only works within a fin radius (note: one fin = one foot).  She spends her free time braiding twizzlers.

All of the characters found wonderful homes.  Thank you to all of the students and staff who participated in the auction!  And a special thanks to my storytellers: Kimberly Vance, Geovanna Torres, and Joanna Lee, who helped give them additional life.