Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mizzles for TLC

Every year my school does a school-wide fundraiser called Pennies for TLC. TLC, True Lasting Connections, is an organization who provides medical, dental, clothes, etc. to families in our community who are in need.  For the past 5 years, I have been making a batch of Mizzles to auction off for this cause.  I usually make about 10-14 Mizzles for this event, but this year there will only be 7.  With Mizzles selling at the Orange County Creatives Gallery and an upcoming art show in about 3 weeks, I seem to be on constant Mizzle making mode.

Since I limited the amount I made for the TLC auction, I decided to go all out.  Sometimes I add costumes to one or two, but this year... I gave them ALL costumes.  This year's theme: Mizzle Superheroes!  Yes, you heard right.  So, let me introduce to you the Mizzle for TLC:

Poe/ The Book Worm

By Day

Name: Poe

Poe is a poet and a romantic at heart. He spends his days whittling away time by writing poetry of all kinds: free verse, haikus, sonnets, you name it. He has even mastered iambic pentameter. Here is a haiku he wrote just last week about something that greatly inspires him:

Sandwiches taste good

I like mine with bananas

Please go make me one

When he’s not writing poetry he enjoys going to Costco in search of awesome samples.

By night

Name:  The Book Worm

The Book Worm is always looking for criminals of the biggest kind: ones who don’t read. When no one’s looking he replaces peoples’ phones and other electronic devices with books. This has caused many, many problems, however, nobody can call the police because you can’t call the police with a book. Even though a lot of problems have arisen because of this, some good has come from it. There has been an increase in reading and Harry Potter fan clubs. However, the Hunger Games fan club has been getting out of hand with their reenactments…

Arble/ Imagine Wagon

By day

Name: Arble

Arble is a daydreamer. She always has her head in the clouds. People often mistake this as anti-social, but she really does enjoy having company over. When she does have people over she treats them to tea and cookies. Sadly, her usual company includes her two imaginary friends Herald the Llama and Roger the Capybara. She does love their company, however Herald and Roger never really get along. They always argue whether or not carrots can really make your skin orange. Herald thinks it can but Roger disagrees. One time Herald ate carrots until he was sick just to prove his point… neither of them realized that they both had fur so it would be hard to tell if it made their skin orange.

By night
Name:  Imagine Wagon

Imagine Wagon is more of a team name since it consists of Arble, Roger, and Herald (don’t tell anyone though, it’s a secret). They always try helping out with anything they can: getting a cat out of a tree, bank robbery, or a local dine-and-dash. Usually, in the middle of helping out, Roger and Herald will find something to argue about and Arble tries to break it up… The problem with this is that only Arble can see them. So not only does the crime go unresolved, but people are left confused.

Lena/ Candy Commander
By day

Name: Lena

Lena has this huge thing for sweets. Lollipops, chocolate, sugar-coated grasshoppers, and even jawbreakers! She even tries making her own candy. So far her flavors include: Very Cherry, Poppin’ Bubblegum, and Awesome Avocado… honestly though, they all taste like mashed potatoes. Whenever she has time she enjoys sitting down and reading picture books to nearby guinea pigs. She reads The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar every Tuesday as requested by popular demand.

By night
Name: Candy Commander

Anyone in need of candy? The Candy Commander is here to help! She always looks for people in need of candy: the mayor, a child, or just your average everyday Joe… but not Nelson… average everyday Nelsons don’t get candy except if the Candy Commander is feeling generous. Anyways, she will give candy to anyone she feels is in need of a little happiness. The only downside is, once she gives the person candy she realizes how much she loves candy and snatches it right back from them and gives them something she won’t miss; like a stalk of celery.

Garrett/ El Malentendido
By day

Name: Garrett

Garret is a superhero movie fanatic. However, he found out he enjoys them more when he watches them in Spanish. This is probably because he only knows a few words in Spanish (or as he likes to say “Es-pon-yool”) giving him room to improvise the rest of the words. This makes a much more interesting plot. In his spare time he enjoys going to cafes and drawing the people around him as muppets.

By night

Name: El Malentendido

Whenever a Spanish-English translator is needed, El Malentendido is there in a flash! He comes ready with his broken Spanish and good intentions. He has been the cause of 7 injuries, 4 divorces, and 9.36 allergic reactions just by mistaking the phrase “I need help” with “I need waffles”. This is probably because “ayuda” and “waffle” are so similar; it could happen to anyone, right? The cops have been after him for half a year, but the mask and cape always throw them off.

Romeo/ The Super Amazing Prince of Awesome
By day

Name: Romeo

Romeo lives up to his name. He is definitely a romantic. Long walks in the park, serenades, and cheesy pick-up lines. Even if this is so, his cat, Nana, is his main priority. This doesn’t stop him from trying with the ladies though… for some odd reason he’s attracted to dog people; it doesn’t usually work after the first date… or first thirty minutes to be honest. This doesn’t bring him down, actually, his ego is pretty high to the point of narcissism. His Facebook page is full of selfies. On the weekends he enjoys seeing how many Skittles he can fit in different containers. He’s also not bad at badminton.

By night
Name: The Super Amazing Prince of Awesome

The Super Amazing Prince of Awesome is always in search of a damsel in distress. Whenever he hears a (female) cry for help he’s there to help! No matter the problem he always starts the rescuing with an acoustic serenade of songs ranging from Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson to Enter Sandman by Metallica. He usually gets really into them, then gets distracted by a nearby reflection of himself and starts serenading the reflection. This is both unattractive and counterproductive. Once he realizes he hasn’t saved the damsel, the damsel has already been saved by a more humble man.

Daryl/ Dangerous Danger
By day

Name: Daryl

Daryl is extremely optimistic. He sees the good in everyone and everything. He’s very supportive of his friends and is humble about his own accomplishments. He makes sure to take each failure as a learning experience. On the rare occasion he does get a little flustered he does yoga while listening to Metallica; it calms him. He also enjoys adding syrup to his pizza.

By night
Name: Dangerous Danger

Dangerous Danger is always on the prowl for criminals. He searches high and low to find people up to no good. No criminal can escape his clutches! However, Dangerous Danger has a bad habit of finding the good in everyone. Because of this, instead of turning them into the police, he engages the villain in an invigorating conversation about pizza, exchanges e-mails, and sets them free. This doesn’t really help the crime rate, but on the Brightside, now Dangerous Danger has 4 pizza dates coming up… he’s going to be in costume of course.

Sammi/ Sammy

By day
Name: Sammi

Sammi is a balloon enthusiast. She loves making balloon animals. So far she’s mastered how to make snakes, caterpillars, eels, and sticks. At the moment she’s trying to get down how to make a worm. This is the most challenging because you have to get the expression just right. When she’s not making balloon animals she enjoys catching snails, naming them, painting their shells, and then releasing them back into the wild. She hopes that they’ll remember her and come to visit for tea and (salt-free) crackers sometime.

By night
Name: Sammy (with a “y”)

Whenever somebody is in a bad mood Sammy is there with a balloon and a smile. When someone is in despair she makes one of her balloon animals for them. However, because of her lack of variety this usually adds to their depression causing a craving for chocolate and chick-flicks. Even though the rate of overall sadness has gone up, the number of swashbuckling pirates has decreased… whether or not these two statistics are related is still being studied.

And I need to give credit to a very important person. When it comes to my Mizzles, sometimes I'm under a time crunch and need an assistant who helps me name and give each Mizzle a small story.  Her name is Kimberly Vance.  She has given these Mizzles their unique stories. She is definitely my Mizzle hero and I would be lost without her!