Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspired by my own lesson

Today's drawing was inspired by my beginning art and beginning drawing classes.  To review what we've been working on before winter break, I introduced a one-point street scene.  We drew a generic street scene together and then I set them free to begin their own.  As I gave my drawing demonstrations, I thought about my Mizzle characters and how cute it would be if they played with toy buildings and stick people, considering they live in trees.  When I completed the drawing I realized I had unconsciously created 3 of each thing; 3 Mizzles, 3 stick people, 3 houses, and 3 high rise buildings. 

This is only my second drawing of the year, but I have already noticed that I am comfortable working in black and white.  I think color would make these drawings much stronger, but I tend to get stuck in a vicious circle of blending colors together to create "the right" color.  I could end up spending many more hours than I want to.  For now, I think I will keep to my pen and pencil.  Maybe I can use these as coloring book pages later.  Or perhaps my challenge will evolve later in the year where I return to these original drawings and add color.  Possibilities.

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