Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Scream Ice Cream

At some point, I think screaming would have been a great release, or chowing down on a huge sundae. Day 2 of finals and the depression of grading incomplete projects were overwhelming.  Good things about the day: my intermediate and advanced students seemed to have fun playing with the new technique I showed them, students completed and turned in work for the art competition, and art club and environmental club students worked on the mural and the garden, AND I only have to get through one final tomorrow.  This week is exhausting. Today's whirlwind had me at a loss of what to draw today, so I turned to my favorite book Creative Block: Over 500 Ideas to Ignite Your Imagination by Lou Harry.  It is a cute little fat cube with photos, questions, statements, etc.  It helps me to clear my mind enough to allow new ideas get through.  I opened it to a random page and saw an ice cream sundae and immediately this image popped into my head.   Something sweet sounds really good right now, but I should probably eat dinner first.  Hmmm...


  1. Thats sick Roldan.. the good kind of sick. What's the name of this mizzle? Good luck tomorrow and try not to kill any of your kids.

  2. That is Graffey. He is terrified of almost everything but tries to act like he's not. He is mostly a follower because it is easier to have someone tell him what to do.