Sunday, February 26, 2012

Volunteering and Accomplishments

About a year ago I signed up to be a volunteer for The Art of Elysium.  It is a lovely organization.  I don't get to volunteer as often as I would like because a lot of the volunteer hours are during the week.  But every so often there are weekend events.   Saturday I had the privilege of making art with some great kids.  I thought it was funny and completely appropriate that the table I worked at was an absolute mess on top and underneath. 

I like volunteering my time.  It feels good to do something that brings joy to others.  I especially enjoy it when the people I help get so happy that they begin to bounce.

This morning added to my great weekend.  I ran my first 8K.  I had seen part of the course the Friday night when I went to pick up my racing packet.  I noticed how hilly it was and became discouraged.  I thought I would only be able to run 3 miles and end up walking the other 2, but I ended up walking only about a quarter of a mile.  In addition, I ran it under an hour.  I felt so sick and amazing when I crossed the finish line.  Now, I'm even more excited about the color run 5k in April.  

 So, here is to fun volunteering experiences and conquering the hills!  Now, it's time to conquer other goals.

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  1. Congrats on the race and on volunteering! Both worthy accomplishments.