Friday, February 3, 2012

Anti-bullying bandwagon/ mural recognition

Today's staff meeting focused on bullying prevention. It was just an overview of what is to come in terms of staff development next year, but it went over important details of what we need to be aware of.  It is horrible experience any type of bullying.  I remember what it was like being a kid.  I'm sure we could all share a bully experience, but with technology, it is so much more powerful now.  The pain of it could be forgotten at some point, but now it is a constant reminder because what goes on the internet maintains in permanency.  The pain goes much deeper.  I hope the program my district is trying to implement will help.  I thought it would be interesting to create a drawing on bullying, although I really can't see any of my characters bullying one another.  But maybe it is something I should really consider.

To end this on a positive note, my co-advisor and I, along with our art club students were recognized for our work on our murals.  It was a very pleasant surprise.  We don't often get recognition unless we toot our own horns.  We were even quoted.  Our principal mentioned that we said "our students are not necessarily artists, or good at art, but they just want a place to belong."  The mural we are currently working on is of California Poppies and our students love it.  We have about 10-30 kids working on it at different times and many times, they invite random kids to come paint with them.  This will be our 8th or 9th mural on campus, but this mural seems to have generated the most excitement amongst our kids.  Last year, it was like pulling teeth to get our art club students to complete the choir mural. It feels great to be around that kind of energy.

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