Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hugs and smiles

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day.  I just feel it is a bit ridiculous that one day of the year is focused on love.  Shouldn't everyday be filled with love?  But I do have to admit that I enjoy seeing the surprised looks on the faces of my students who received unexpected gifts from secret admirers, or friends. 
I began thinking about my new Mizzle.  I have decided she is a heart healer because she has this biological looking pattern on her.  Keeping that in mind, I looked up names that meant heart or healer.  I found two I like.  The first name is Corliss and it means good-hearted/ carefree.  The other name is Jalen, which means healer/ tranquil.  I'm leaning more towards Corliss, but would love feedback from anyone who has any thoughts on this.   Here is yesterday's drawing:

Today's drawing is a continuation of the love theme.  I love hugs, but when they are from friends and family.  I'm not too fond of random people touching me.  But hugs are great!  They provide so much healing and comfort.  I think it's just a natural reaction for me to immediately hug someone I care about when they are having a bad day. 


  1. I thought about ir & I like Jalen. I think Corlis reminds me of Coraline & the button eyes but maybe that is the more appropriate one. I do like how she was drawn

  2. Thank you. I think Jalen is good, too.