Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mizzles for TLC

I have mentioned TLC in a previous blog.  TLC (True Lasing Connections) is an organization in the city of Downey that provides medical services, vision care, dental care, parental education, food and clothing, counseling/ support groups, low cost health insurance, and referral services  children and families in the city and in our school district.  Our school is currently doing a school wide fundraiser for this organization. 
In the past, we have done our "pennies for patients" fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Every year, I create as many of my lovely Mizzles and auction them off to the students.  Normally I create about 5 or 6, but this year I have created 11 with 4 more in the works!  I began working on them little at a time this whole month.  My students have been watching me with questioning eyes as I walked around my classroom sewing socks together. They finally get to see them completed and learn why they have been created.  I thought I'd share them with you, as well.
Many of these are going to be hard to part with.  I love making them because they have so much personality.

Meet Electra:

 She is from Greenland.  She is a professional Fire performer.  During one of her performances, her arms caught on fire. 
In her free time, she gives unwanted teddy bears hugs.  Her motto is "Everyone needs a little love."

Meet La-La:

She is from Canada.  She holds the all-time record for being able to continuously skip.  When she is not playing hockey, she trains poodles how to jump over obstacles for dog show competitions.  Her motto is "Feel the burn!"

 Meet Cha-Cha:

She is from Bermuda.  She loves to dance, especially in the shower.  She is the host of the TV show called "Dancin' Fast."  Her hobby is rescuing seaweed from surfers.

Meet Stella:  Everyone thinks she is a punk or pop singer, but surprises them with her soulful dolphin sounds.  She is known worldwide for her dolphin songs.  To help her unwind, she spends her time drawing the white lines on baseball fields.

Meet Ned: He is super cranky, but wouldn't you be too, if everyone kept confusing you for a girl?  His favorite color is black and loves to throw things from trees.  An expert squirrel whisperer, he answers all of the daily problems and concerns of squirrel society.  In his free time, he enjoys drinking Kool-Aid and then attempting to break through walls.

Meet Whisper:  His movements and speech are as quiet as a whisper.  He loves to observe the world from the shadows and helping those in need.  He thinks of himself as a superhero, but without all of the nonsense powers.  He obtains great joy from making people happy by whispering the words they need to hear.  His favorite hobby is watching grass grow.

Meet Om:  He is a calm, peaceful yogi.  He never gets worked up except when he watches Trix commercials.  That poor rabbit never gets any cereal! He enjoys sitting outside and to ponder the essential question "What should I have for dinner?"  His motto is "Be the pumpkin!"

Meet Molliaire:  He is from France and loves to dig.  He is an expert at making mud pies, but only eats crepes.  His favorite past time is painting the nails of everyone who crosses his path pink with yellow flowers.

Meet Sparkle:  She is the twin sister of Sarg.  She is a fireworks expert and puts on the best shows.  She talks in the pattern of a fireworks show, slow and steady, then extremely rapid and overwhelming.  Her favorite sport is snail racing.

Meet Sarg:  Sparkle's twin brother.  He loves everything and anything that has to do with the military.  He doesn't nothing but go on recon missions, but he always gets caught.  The problem is that he always ends up hiding in areas that are completely red because of his color blindness. 

Last of the list, for now, is Lou Bangoogleski.  He is from Russia and is a professional Scooby-Doo stalker.  He hires Sarg to help him all of the time, but can never figure out why they keep getting caught.  His second passion is greeting every bird that crosses his path with a song.

Hopefully, they will all find nice homes and bring in some money for this great cause.  If anyone would like to donate, you can go to http://www.whsfortlc.bbnow.org/ and donate online. Big thanks if you do!

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  1. After seeing so many drawings, it's fun to see the real mizzles.