Saturday, February 4, 2012

Recon mission

This seems to be a year of making decisions and research.  Last night was a fun evening of recon work with some illustrator gals.  We were scoping out some possibilities of showing our work.  The experience brought up a lot of questions about what we want and how we want to represent ourselves.  But it also got me thinking about my own personal goals. Today I went to a grant writing workshop, which ended up being a waste of my time.  It only resulted in more questions.  I have ideas... many ideas of what I would love to do.  But they are so scattered and I need to make decisions.  I would love to make a living being creative all day.  I know being an art teacher one would think I already have that, but I would love to make a living creating my own art.  I plan on continuing making art, illustrating, reading, and writing, but I need to do more research about the various avenues I'd like to go in.  There seem to be a lot of options and possibilities becoming available to me.  I just need to figure out which ones will be best for me.

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