Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have you seen this sock?

Yesterday, I hand fed the squirrel in my parent's back yard.  It was a fun experience.  I really wish my dad had a zoom camera to take photos of me actually feeding it, but I did get some close ups of the squirrel itself on my camera phone.  This squirrel has been a frequent visitor for a few years now.  There are other squirrels that come for food, but we know this one personally. It is the only one that will allow us to come close to it.  My sister named it Striker.  We thought it was a "he" for the longest time until I took photo of it and saw her underside.  Here she is in the tree eating or watching me carefully.  Even though I had food and she let me be close to her, she was still leery of me and my actions.
My story has always been about socks and the mysteries that surround them.  In my original story line, I explained in detail the magic behind the socks, but someone made a point to me that magic never needs explaining...it's just magic.  So, I have been rewriting my story and it has changed a lot from the original round.  Today, I thought it would be funny if one of my characters bribed the squirrel with nuts to help them find the sock, or if they were just asking them if they had seen it.

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