Friday, March 2, 2012

TLC Mizzle Auction Update & Drawings

It is usually said that we should follow the stars.  But the more I begin to follow my own path of starts it begins to feel like guiding the stars, or flagging them down, seems to be more possible.  I love thinking about the magic that exists in possibilities.  This is what I was thinking about while creating this quick drawing.

I subbed during my prep period today.  Usually the class tries to take advantage of having a substitute in the class, but these students were really good.  I was even able to create a quick drawing during the class since they were absorbed into their own drawings.

A quick update on Mizzles for TLC auction:  I emailed the staff, and shared with my students the 11 characters I created.  The auction closes Tuesday at 3pm and the reaction has been a little surprising.  Leading the pack is Sarg, who has a $30 bid on him right now.  Ned is at $27; Electra $26; Sparkle $18; Whisper $17; La-La $16; Om $15; Cha-Cha and Lou Bangoogleski are at $10; and Molliaire is at $8.  I feel bad for Molliaire.  I think he is not receiving the same attention as the others because his little introductory story wasn't as entertaining as the others.

If I can get my act together, I should have the last 4 Mizzles finished for Monday.

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