Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet Larry Mizzle

Larry was my very first creation.  I had no idea what I was doing and had very little experience with sewing.  I can tell you I followed the design pattern in the book, but my results didn't look like the photos provided.  I'm glad it didn't, though.  By my results not becoming an exact replica of the sample in the book, it gave me a glimpse of the creative possibilities there were.
 Now, when I look at him, I feel a desire to restitch him, but refrain from doing so because I think that is where a lot of his character comes from.  I definitely learned a lot about making these sock dolls after making Larry.  I realized that I had made the arms and legs extremely short in comparison to the body.  I probably could have gotten 2 dolls out of the pair of socks, but I used up most of the pair on him.  I began by using regular sewing thread.  It is very thin and would break while sewing.  I have since moved to a thicker thread used for upholstery. 

He is extremely curious.  He asks many questions and always wants to know "why?"  Even after someone has explained something to him, he still needs to see it for himself.  He gets into trouble because he doesn't listen to what is being told to him.  He is best friends with Graffey.  They go on many adventures together discovering the answers to all of their curiosities. 


  1. I think you should eventually make a Mizzl based
    on you, kind of like a mother of all mizzles whose personality comes out a bit in each creation.
    Also for the sewing, not sure what thread you were using but polyester is stronger than cotton. If you want to make it stronger still, you can do a double thread.
    Don't ever change Larry!

    1. I think I began with cotton thread and now use the polyester. I'm happy with the thread that I use now, but I need to remember to not use black all of the time :)

      And I do have a mother-like Mizzle, but she'll be introduced a little later.