Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Molly Mizzle

Molly is unique from the others because of the socks I used to create her.  Up until Molly, I had used only cotton, tight weave socks.  For Molly's body and legs, I used those really soft cushy socks, sometimes referred to as spa socks.  This type of sock makes for a really nice plush doll, but it was not very hand sewing friendly. Because of its stretchy nature, the weave of the sock is not as tight as a normal cotton sock.  The hand stitching had to be smaller.  When making her, I decided to try something different with the mouth.  I kind of gave her a pouty lip instead of a whole mouth.

Molly is gentle, kind, and nurturing.  She takes care of everyone around her.  She is the one everyone can always count on no matter what.  She is the most dependable Mizzle of the group.  Sometimes she is seen as naive, but she simply wants to see only the best of everyone.

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