Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It is always a great feeling to return home after a trip, or being away for a long period of time.  There is just so much comfort in being in your own space.  Time and space from anything and anyone always give you perspective.  It allows you to reunite and appreciate all of the good things you have in your life.  It also clears your mind by breaking up your usual routine.  Change is always good, even if it is very minimal.  I had spent a few days house/ dog sitting, which was a very nice break from my routined life.  It was like a small vacation, even though I was my busy self.  It really has me thinking about home and I realized that I have only done a few drawings of Mizzle dwellings.  The first drawing is of a squirrel drey, which is an enclosed nest made of twigs, branches, feathers, moss, and anything else that they feel would make for good nest construction.  The second drawing is the inside of Larry's home.  I imagine since Mizzles live in trees that everything they have should be made from things found in nature. I had a lot of fun creating this last drawing.  I think I need to make a color version of it.  My favorite part is the "To do list" and the pictures on the wall. 

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