Sunday, January 13, 2013

Works in progress

I have to say that I have been having a lot of fun drawing my new Mermizzle!  It is nice to regain my drawing mojo.  It has been feeling a bit forced... until now.

I'm having a great time introducing Elise Mermizzle to my regular cast of characters. There seems to be a natural flow in drawing her.  It feels as though I have been drawing her for years.

I have been slowly making more Mermizzles.  I'm finding they are a lot easier and faster to make than a regular Mizzle. Here are a few that are in progress:
 In addition, I have been working on some new pieces as possibilities for our OC Illustrator group show next month.
I'm falling in love with Larry in the bubble created by the Mermizzle.  It isn't finished, but I am pleasantly surprised by it.

This second one is a paper collage that I began yesterday.  The Mizzles will be making an appearance in this soon. Stay tuned to see how these projects turn out!

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