Thursday, January 3, 2013

Daily Drawings

Creating a drawing daily isn't as easy as one would think.  I feel like it was a lot easier to achieve last year. I seem to find myself wanting to fall back on drawing the same things.  I might have to create a list of themes or things Mizzles might do.  Last year, most of my drawings were inspired by current life events.  But, I'm not feeling inspired by my own life at the moment.

This drawing was inspired by a photo I saw on the National Geographic Photography Facebook page.

This next drawing wasn't really inspired.  It is a drawing similar to one I've done before.  It is just a slightly different take on it.  I'm trying to spend more time including my newer Mizzles in my drawings.  I tend to fall back on the Mizzles I've gotten to know and am comfortable drawing.  It's time to give attention to the other Mizzles.

What activities, events, or themes would you like to see the Mizzles in?

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