Monday, January 14, 2013

Brown Little Bird, Where Did You Come From?

This morning was a surprise I did not expect. I went into my classroom and found a piece of paper on the floor with bird poop on it.  With a very confused look on my face, I picked up the paper and threw it away.  I proceeded to my routine: turn on computer, put lunch away, and put my rolling cart away.  Then I went to the office.  When I came back, I opened my storage room and found a tiny brown bird flying around.  I stood there in absolute shock.  First thought: How on earth did it get in there?  I couldn't figure it out.  Second thought: How do I get it out of the small room inside my classroom?  Then, how do I get it out of my classroom?  I remembered I had an Audubon toy bird that makes an actual bird noise.  I squatted in front of the room and made bird noises with the toy trying my best to entice the bird out of my storage closet.  After a few minutes, I gave up.  I walked to the office to find someone who might help.  As I walked back to my room, I found my friend and made him come with me to my room, where we found the little brown bird sitting on a stool.  I rushed to my storage room and shut the door, while my friend tried to sweep the bird out.  It didn't work.  The bird flew somewhere and we couldn't figure out where.  So, I went in search of more help.  One of my fellow art teachers came in my room in search of the bird.  We saw "A" bird outside of my room.  We think that might have been him or her.  As we searched my room, we found tiny little spots of bird poop on desks throughout my room.  I think the little guy had been locked in my classroom all weekend! The poor thing!  It was a little disgusting, but I laughed so hard this morning! I felt a little bad as I discovered the bird had pooped on a few student drawings.  The good thing is that my students were able to laugh with me about the whole scenario.

I still have no idea how it got into my classroom.  I wonder what I'll find next in my classroom.  I'm a little scared to discover what that might be.

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