Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Happy Place

Happy Place: a location, real or fictional, where worries, problems, and anxiety melts away and alms you...makes you happy.  I like creating "happy places" in various locations.  At work, I have a real tree standing behind my desk, along with reproductions of Claude Monet's waterlilies, and a poster of Fraggle Rock. At home, I have photos, drawings, or paintings of trees and my Mizzles. I think for many people Facebook has become their happy place. Facebook has become a bit boring to me.  People post the same stuff and most of the time it isn't very interesting.  I keep going back to the website because every once in a while an illustrator or writer friend will post something FANTASTIC!  It was last month artist, George Littlechild posted this photo:

The vibrance of the magenta is so amazing!  I just cannot stop staring at this photo and find myself smiling or daydreaming. Now if I can only recreate this in my livingroom!  Wouldn't that be awesome? This photo was so magical that it sent me on a wild Google search for magenta cherry blossom trees... And I found these beauties!

I might have to create some drawings or paintings of the Mizzles exploring these trees!  I'm definitely going to be adding some of these photos to my current "happy places." Here is my daily drawing of Fawn enjoying the cherry blossoms.

Where is your happy place?

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