Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 year of the Mermizzle

I find it interesting how inspiration discovers me. My friend, Cory, and his wife are expecting a little girl soon.  While I was taking care of their dog, they had asked if I could paint a few things for them in the nursery.  They wanted a sea themed room, but realized everything they purchased was blue and they wanted to "girl it up."  They gave me an image of a mermaid they liked, but told me what they didn't like about her.  So, I went at it and within 5 hours finished a cute little mermaid with a few friends.  At the time, I hadn't made their baby a Mizzle doll.  I had waited because I wanted to know if there were specific colors or themes they were using in the room.  Once I knew about the sea theme, I went on a search for cute socks.  I found nothing that screamed "make me a Mizzle!"  I just gave up looking.  I think the idea should have been obvious from the beginning, but it didn't.  Perhaps I wasn't listening carefully enough to hear the idea scream.  But since I couldn't find cute socks with cute sea creatures or mermaids (and I wanted to stay away from the Disney mermaid socks) I would make the Mizzle with a mermaid tail.  She would be a Mermizzle.  A Mermizzle!  Genius! 

There is something about this idea, perhaps a new creative fire lit, but I have decided to make it a series.  For the year of 2013, I will be making mostly, if not only, Mermizzles!

Meet Elsie Mermizzle!  She is the very first Mermizzle.  She is adventurous and spunky.  Her loves to gently touch the surface of sea urchins to watch them close, then slowly reopen.  During the day, she blows bubbles  to tickle fish and swimmers above her.  Her best friend is Mr. Octopus, who helps keep her out of danger.  Her favorite color is brown and she loves to eat veggie burgers.

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