Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rain and Writing

I thought I could handle participating in the 12x12x12 and the pb dummy book challenges, but it has been challenging.  I have been able to keep up with writing one story a month, but I have fallen completely behind on the pb dummy challenge. I have realized that the story I want to create a dummy for doesn't feel quite right, yet.  Plus, I have just begun to figure out my writing routine.  So, I decided today I would sit in Starbucks and finish rewriting it.  This seemed to be a great idea until I sat down and realized how easily distracted I was by all of the people.  I sometimes forget my passion for people watching. It is just interesting to watch the movements, facial expressions, and reactions of strangers.  To notice the way they wear their clothes and hair and wonder who they are in this world... what is their story? I decided I should probably plug myself into my iPod and watch the rain for a few minutes before starting.  I listened to the inspirational rhythms of Bonobo as I watched the rain fall. Then I began writing.  It would flow easily for a few minutes and then I would stop, stare at the rain and watch the story play in my head.  Then I would write a little more.  I'm much happier with this version, although I feel like it needs polishing.  Before I left, I decided to take advantage of my creative mood and create my drawing for the day.  It is a scene from my story.


  1. I've always believed rain has therapeutic properties. I feel more relax just after reading about your day.

    1. I love the rain. I am always at my most creative when it rains. We are suppose to have more on Friday!