Monday, April 2, 2012

Agents Day

I've been spending some time reflecting about my time at Agents Day.  Some of the information shared with us was useful and some of it was the usual information that I've read or heard at other conferences.  The day was clearly put together with the writer in mind with a table at the side of the room for illustrator portfolios. But I've come to an important realization about these conferences.  The information relatively remains the same, but it is the networking that is important.  These conferences are really about making connections, learning from each other, and supporting one another along this very long journey of becoming published.  Standing in the room, I, also, came to understand the importance of the schmoozes.  Amongst the room of strangers, I actually knew people from my writer's group and illustrators group.

As I thought of about the set up of the conference, it inspired today's drawing of a mini Mizzle concert. 

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