Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Agglomeration

I am trying to organize what I do into more manageable chunks.  I'm not sure how successful this is going to be, but it might prove to be easier.  I've decided to do a summary of my daily drawings on Sundays instead of posting every day or every other day.  My art club vice president liked the name Sunday Agglomeration for its title. I will still post a few other days during the week, but I think I want to designate them topics.  I think one might be a continuation of artists and art that has inspired or currently inspires me. The other might be a random thoughts day.  I'm not sure, but little steps will eventually turn into long strides.

Here is this week's first Sunday Agglomeration:

Some of my daily drawings this week are not influenced by anything in particular. For some reason, this week has been a week of very intense dreams, which means I wake up more exhausted before I find my way to bed. My dreams are like adventure movies. I'm always searching for something, but I never find the answer. But thanks to the amount of detail my dreams have, and the intensity of the search I wake up drained of energy. Coffee and Mint tea have become my best friends this week. This was my inspiration for this drawing. I want nothing but to jump into the biggest pile of soft pillows and fall gently asleep.
I had no idea what to draw, but I desperately needed to draw something.  Life decided to throw me a curveball that I wasn't expecting AT ALL!  I wasn't thinking of the baseball analogy when I drew this, but clearly my subconscious was.

The rest of the week's drawings were not inspired by anything in particular.  They were just quick drawings I put together.

During the week, I had my Art Club students play with Shrink-A-Dink paper.  Do you remember Shrink-A-Dinks?  They were my favorite thing to make as a kid.  Needless to say, my students had lots of fun drawing on the paper and then watching them shrink in the toaster oven.  I traced my drawing of Stargazer in tree pose, colored it, and then turned it into a pin.  This gave me a great idea.  I can turn a lot of my daily drawings into key chains, and pins.  I might even make earrings.  I'm still playing with it, but I a bit excited.  I tried out a few others and shrank them.

Happy with the results I began tracing more of my drawings.  Here are the ones I need to color and shrink. I haven't decided what these will be.  I think for now I might stick to key chains.

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