Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring = baby squirrels

As you may have figured out, I am obsessed with squirrels.  I have always liked observing squirrels in parks, walks through UCLA campus, or on trips in other states.  But my obsession with squirrels ignited when I began writing my story. Now I can't help but do a girly squeal when I see one.  In addition, my family have begun to share this passion of mine.  There is a squirrel, who visits my parents' backyard on a regular basis.  Her name is Striker.  Originally we thought she was a boy until I got a photo of her standing on her hind legs.  It told us a different story.  We know it is her because of her brownish grey fur and bushy tail.  There are a few other squirrels who visit also, but they have smaller tails and run at the slightest sound. 

Well I noticed a while back that Striker looked bigger.  I mentioned to my family that I thought she was pregnant.  I was right!  Sunday, she brought her 3 little ones with her as we fed her.  They ran around the trees, and one another, and would stop and watch me feed their mom from a safe distance.  When I was done feeding her, she spent the rest of the day burying peanuts in the backyard.  The 3 little ones just played non-stop.  It was fascinating to just watch them.

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