Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Run

Sunday, April 22nd was the Color Run.  This was my first time participating in it and I LOVED IT!  I am looking forward to running it again!  I enjoyed running this event because by the time I was finished it didn't feel like I just ran 3 miles.  I wanted to go back and run through the course a few more times!

Waiting for the race to begin.  Look at that sea of white!
What we looked like before the race began.  Always, always get a before picture!
The first section was yellow.  It was really amazing to see a cloud of each color as you ran the course.

The only downfall was that a line would form at the color point, but if you wanted to really get color you had to get in close

My friend after the purple/blue section.  This was our favorite section.  The people really got into covering us with color.

This was a fun random picture I took of the next section.  It is some random person getting hit with color.

And our "after" shot!  We look good in color!

My little sister and I after she complete the course with her friends.

Every 15 minutes, a little distance from the finish line, people would throw the color into the air to create a color cloud.

I was trying to get a photo of my sister and I accidentally got into this woman's photo.  She insisted that we take a real photo together!
This will have to become a color version later, but this is my daily drawing inspired by the Color Run.

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