Monday, April 9, 2012

Book: A Daily Creative Journal

I bought a book called A Daily Creative Journal: Make Something Every Day And Change Your Life! It is a great book to explore your creative side.  It helps break through a creative block.  What attracted me to it was the possibility of using it in the classroom.  Before beginning spring break, I told my Intermediate and Advanced Drawing students they were going to have a homework assignment to complete over the break.  They freaked out a bit, but when I explained the project they were a bit curious.  I told them to choose a number between 1-365 and they had to create an artwork based on that prompt.  The artwork could be a painting, drawing, photo, sculpture, video as long as they brought in it or documented it to show me.  It could be made out of anything as well.  The whole point was to be creative and have as much fun as possible.  When they began hearing the prompts, they became eager to choose their own.  I opened up the same assignment to my beginning classes, but offered it to them as extra credit.  I'm a bit excited to see what they come up with.

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