Friday, March 29, 2013

Keeping Sane?

This month has been crazy with preparations for state visits at our school.  It has been quite stressful, actually.  My usual methods of keeping sane haven't been working.  I have resorted to fixating on one thing each day that makes me happy.  Lately, it has been spending time in our garden at school and discovering the new growth. One of the Aides, who works with a special needs student, has been talking to me about the Zentangle books. 
 It has made me think about how stressed out I used to be about 4 or 5 years ago and how my randomness series of lines, dots, and swirls allowed me a way to escape. I kind of missed the feeling of numbness that doodling creates.  The rhythm of the pen moving on the paper creates a calm and peaceful trance where the mind allows itself to become quiet.  All of your problems and stress seem to disappear.  Last Wednesday, the stress seemed to escalate, so I decided to begin doodling.  I added Stargazer to the drawing. 

The more I added to the drawing, the more controlled and detailed it became.  After an hour, I looked at it and realized I must have been more stressed than I thought.  

I only draw in such small details when I am extremely stressed.  The drawing is not complete, but since it is my therapy piece, I guess it doesn't matter.

I'm not entirely sure how much this drawing has helped with my stress.  I think it has helped a bit, but it hasn't given me what it once has done in the past. 

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