Saturday, March 9, 2013


It was 6th grade when I had to begin wearing glasses.  At that time I was a little too big to wear the children's frames, but still too small for the adult frames.  I remember having to go with these pink Mickey Mouse glasses because they were the only ones that fit my face well enough.  I hated them.  One, they were pink and I was never really a "pink" girl.  Two, there was a Mickey Mouse face on the sides of the glasses.  When you are in middle school, it is the transition of not being a little kid anymore, so that made me feel very child-ish.  I was very self conscious wearing glasses and only wore them in class to read the bored.  But the moment I didn't need them I immediately took them off.

In high school, I still refused to wear my glasses all of the time even though I had transitioned into frames that were more appropriate for my age.  But now that I'm an adult, all of the concern about how people see me seems pointless.  Not that I'm unaffected by what people think about me, I think it is just human nature for it to impact us a little.  I am just more concerned about how I see myself.   And I love wearing my glasses!  I do wish I could wear contacts for some instances, but I've come to terms with the fact that I can't.

So, imagine the amount of joy I had when Firmoo asked me to try their glasses and write a review!  I was extremely excited about choosing new frames!  In the past, I have always bought my glasses from Kaiser or Lenscrafters, which means I would spend close to $400 on prescription glasses. Ordering online was a different experience and a bit frightful because I am responsible for entering in all of my information.  But, I enjoyed the process of ordering my glasses online from Firmoo.  They have a really easy to use format.  Plus, you can upload a photo of yourself and select glasses to try on digitally. Or you can use one of the photos they provide.  They provide easy and simple to read steps throughout.  Again, normally I spend about $400 on my glasses, but the glasses from Firmoo would have costed me somewhere from $33-$86, without taxes and shipping, depending on the type of lenses I chose.  I, especially, loved the service they provided.  Immediately after placing my order, they contacted me about my glasses prescription to verify it.  I was feeling a bit unsure about ordering my prescription glasses online, but I felt more assured about receiving the correct prescription after talking to them about what I was reading on my eyeglasses prescription.

As for my glasses, I call this new pair my nerdy glasses!  I have never been so happy to live in time when looking nerdy can be considered fashionable!  :) My glasses are light and fit snuggly on my face.  I like them a lot. I do, however, wish there was an option to purchase those UV Transition lenses that darken when you go outside.  I do love that about my old pair of glasses.  I never had to switch from my glasses to sunglasses.

Overall, I am extremely happy with Firmoo's product.  I am actually thinking of buying another pair...or perhaps get some sunglasses!

Here is my latest look!

I recommend you try out Firmoo, especially if you have kids or teens who lose their glasses all of the time because they were like me, who felt insecure about wearing them.  Glasses are never cheap, but you won't be spending quite as much having to replace them.

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