Sunday, December 9, 2012

Coloring Contest Prizes

This is the last week to get your entries in for the Mizzle Adventures coloring contest.  You can either scan or take a photo of your entry and email it to  I'm looking forward to seeing all of the entries.  I thought I'd share with you some of the possible prizes for the coloring contest.

Possible Prints to choose from:

Mizzle Prizes:

Meet Fable. He is bee whisperer; listening to the cares and concerns of all bees. He loves to eat honey with lemon juice. In his spare time, he loves drawing lines in sand.

Meet Miss Lava. She is a Mizzle beauty pageant winner. Her personality resembles that of a Stepford house wife...perfect in every way. But secretly, she loves to play in mud.

Meet Lady Dragonfly.  She is a sophisticated Mizzle, who enjoys all of the finer things in life.  She folds napkins into cranes, lines her tea cup settings with doilies, and irons her curtains.  But when no one is looking, she loves to grab a hairbrush and sing to heavy metal songs in front of a mirror.

Meet Otis. He is an energetic Mizzle, who loves to cut silhouette portraits of people using extremely sharp scissors. He is faster than Edward Scissor Hands, and way cuter. In his free time, he enjoys taking long bubble baths and making bubble sculptures.

Meet Jamina. She loves to make up songs, which detail her daily activities. In her spare time, she enjoys helping bees collect honey.

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