Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zombie Mizzles???

The drama teacher has decided on Night of the Living Dead for the first performance of the school year.  I am so excited about this!  They did this play a few years ago and I loved it!!!  For every school play, the Visual Art department puts together some student artwork for the reception/ticket room of the drama theater.  This year we were asked if it was possible to do zombie/ 50's monster movie posters.  We loved this idea and ran with it.  My Intermediate/Advanced/AP art students are creating zombie self-portraits.  The teacher who took over my Intermediate/Advanced drawing class is having his students create zombie portraits of their favorite teachers...with our permission, of course!  I was going to do a zombie self portrait as a demonstration for my students, but one of my students is in both advanced classes.  I felt it was kind of cheating since he is creating my zombie portrait.  Then I remembered the drama teacher asked me to make 3 zombie mizzles to be used as props in the play.  I then decided I need to make a Zombie Mizzle painting.

This is just one sketch that I began playing with.  I think I need to add more Mizzles.  One of my students mentioned having the cotton stuffing falling out. I love that idea.  I'm finding this idea funny, but very morbid considering my characters are so sweet and fun. This makes them extremely dark.
I'll have to come up with a few more sketches tonight before committing to one.  I'm just not sure I'll be able to use it as a portfolio piece.  

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