Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost to the finish line

We are in our last few days of the school year.  It is a crazy rush to get assignments in and get grades finalized.  I decided to make my end of year a bit easy.  To end the year, my beginning Art and beginning Drawing classes are all working on Tessellations.  It is a nice assignment because it allows for every student, regardless of their abilities to turn in an "A" project.  The only way they can mess up the assignment is if they turn it in incomplete.

The fun part is to look at the shape you have made and use your imagination to see images in it.  This tends to be difficult for students, who are not used to thinking in this way.  I tell them it is like looking at the clouds and finding images.  I encourage them to help each other out with seeing images.  This is where I have fun because many times they ask for my help and I can list off many things.  It gives them a true glimpse of how creative my mind is.

Here are some samples my students have turned in:

My Intermediate/Advanced students have been playing with Shrinky Dink paper.  They had to create original versions of mythical creatures.  They have had lots of fun watching the paper shrink in the toaster oven.  It is an adrenaline rush for all of us as we watch the paper shrink and curl. 

Here is what they have created:

It has been a great year of art.  I am looking forward to next year's batch of student work. 

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