Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Colombo Mizzle Golf Cover

As I do every year, I created another Mizzle golf club cover for my friend McEvoy.  Another to add to his collection.  I know I've said this in a previous post, but I really do look forward to making this every year.  It challenges me.  It forces me to create in the boundaries right out of my comfort zone.

This year he wanted Colombo.

I used my usual materials, but I experimented with using faux fur for the hair.  It is a messy material to work with when having to cut it into pieces, but it worked perfectly for the hair styles I was recreating this year with the TLC Mizzles.

I've had requests for next year's theme.  A few possibilities are: Star Wars, The Beatles, famous scientist, famous literary artists, and Tim Burton characters.  We'll see what creations will happen next year!

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