Friday, November 7, 2014


Like every person who saw the movie Tangled probably loved the lantern scene.  And if they didn't, they really should!  :)  It is beautiful. I have seen photos of lantern festivals and have always wanted to participate in one.  So, when I received an email telling me about the Rise Festival, I was elated.  I immediately thought this would be a perfect thing for my mom, younger sister, and myself to do together as a family; to help us heal after losing dad.

I don't think any of us knew what to expect.  Or had any idea of the emotional impact this event would have.  We were given 2 lanterns each and a marker to decorate them with.  The point of this event was to reflect on one's hopes, dreams, goals, or to send thoughts and messages to loved ones who have passed.

The atmosphere was relaxing, serene, and unbelievably beautiful.  We sat on the dry lake bed watching rainbows appear in the distance, and the sun setting over the mountains.  We sat on yoga mats (provided for us) and we decorated our lanterns.   Then we waited.  We eagerly waited to light our torches and begin releasing the lamps.  And the wait was definitely worth it!

It took a while for the lanterns to fill with hot air, which made everyone anxious.  But releasing the lantern and watch it rise into the sky with all of the other lanterns was amazing.  It felt like whatever was weighing you down left with the lantern.  And I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of it all as the lanterns became fireflies in the night sky.  I'll be honest.  It made me cry.  It made my mom cry.

The very last lantern my mom said "Let's all write a message to dad."
And each of us wrote our "hello's", "love you", and "we miss you."  Then my sister and my mom lit the lantern and released it.  The looks on their faces as it rose into the air was magical and made the night so much more amazing than I could have ever imagined it.

Leaving the event was an unfortunate disaster, but I would rather focus on the event itself.  I do have to say, I was thoroughly surprised to hear my mom say that despite how the end of the night ended, she would definitely go back.  I'm pretty sure I would, too!

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