Monday, April 14, 2014

The McEvoy Collection

About 4 years ago, my friend asked if I could make one of the Mizzles as a golf club cover.  I was a little hesitant because I wouldn't be able to stuff it, but I liked the challenge.  What began as one cover turned into many.  Each year I have made him a new cover.  And each year, I create a new master piece that I fall in love with.  As a result, I have named this collection of golf club covers "The McEvoy Collection," after my friend. 

Where do I start?
It usually begins with a theme or idea he's been thinking about or we brainstorm a few things either from jokes amongst our group.  Then I begin to build from there.  The first few have had their errors.  And over the years, he has helped me figure out solutions to make them better than before. 


#2 and 3



#8 two sides
#8 side 2
#8 side 1

They have been so much fun to create.  They each have had such great personalities.  This year I was given the theme Elvis. This makes my 9th Mizzle Golf Club Cover. I feel that Elvis Mizzle is one of my best creations.  It was really hard to part with him.

Before Elvis made it to his new home, he spent some time at the beach in the sun.
  I'm looking forward to the next year's theme.  It will be a challenge to out do myself next year.

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