Monday, July 22, 2013

Operation Relocation

I have always wanted to live by the beach.  My fondest childhood memories occurred at the beach.  I was always happiest when I was at the beach, but who isn't? But life has seemed to lead me farther and farther from the beach.  I know I was never really that far from the beach, but it felt far.  It just seemed time to make what I wanted happen.  With that in mind, I began my adventure looking for a new place.  It seemed that the universe was thrilled with my idea of moving to the beach because within a few days of searching I found a great home near the beach.  It is amazing how different I feel.  Being able to get up in the morning and run on the beach has become a dream come true. Side note: Sand is colder than the water in the morning.

Life has been absolutely wonderful so far. I sometimes feel like I've moved to a completely different world.

I haven't had time to paint or draw in the past few months, but now that I'm finally settled, I have worked on a few things.  I am participating in the Brooklyn Art Museum Painting Pal Exchange.  I received a 4x4 canvas to draw or paint on.  I decided to paint about my move to the beach.  Here are the Mizzles enjoying their time at the beach.

Next, I will be working on a large 3' x 4' canvas.  This is inspired by the "man-cave" that is in the garage below me, which reminded me of the dogs playing poker painting.  This painting is clearly not for the kids.  Here are the Mizzles drinking and playing a game of poker.

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