Friday, February 8, 2013

Miniature March

The La Habra Art Gallery is going to have a Small and Miniature Art Show during the month of March.  I've been excited about the prospects of this show.  This was a just an idea in case one of our scheduled shows fell through.  It's been that kind of experience working with the La Habra Art Association.  I think things are starting to come together though.  Each time we meet, there is a bit of energy and excitement with small new ideas.  I have had this set of blank nesting dolls for a few years.  I have always wanted to paint on them, but I never have. I think part of it was fear of messing them up and having to coat the entire surface.  I really love seeing the grain of the wood.
Outer most nesting doll

So I took the leap of faith and began drawing on them with pencil.  I ran into the problem of smudging the pencil as I drew around the form.  I decided to ink the lines with my rapidograph, which some areas bled a little.  I should have prepped each surface with a thinned layer of gel medium.  That would have solved all of my problems.  Regardless of the small obstacles, I am happy with how they are turning out.  At some point, I have to decide whether to color or not to color. 
2nd nesting doll, next level down

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